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A collection of Trailers we have built and some pictures of where we build them.


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About Our Trailers

* Ready to make 

you Money!

Our trailers are built with pride, we

want to build the best trailer we can build.  All of our employees are trained to be on the lookout for any improvements that might be made.

We start each trailer from scratch and

build them from the ground up to be concession trailers with the extra strength needed to handle the job.

No converted cargo trailers here.

We start with American steel cut with industrial saws to the perfect size.

We then place the sized steel in our jig tables to ensure a good fit.

Then we install Dexter Axles with the fabulous five-year warranty. Then we flip it over add the wall and roof framing, we check everything twice.


Then off to the paint shop for a good 100% covering of paint. After drying its back to the shop to apply the roof and the side panels. Our side panels or attached using 3M vhb tape and also an adhesive caulk on the inside.

No screws and no rivets. Then styrofoam insulation is applied to the inside panel to add strength and R-value.   Then the inside panels are installed with the customers options of stainless, aluminum or vinyl covered luan.  Then we add electrical panel wiring, outlets, lights and any special applications. Doors windows and any special requirements plus sinks and all plumbing.  Install LP tanks and plum the LP for the required appliances and install the hood, exhaust fan all the cooking equipment and then we check and double check everything.




Not only do we build great new trailers we also service and repair damaged trailers.
Recondition and restore.
Remodel your current trailer.
Build custom and one of a kind trailers.
Custom Food Trucks
Sell parts and supplies for concession trailers

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